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Wheel Alignment & Tire Rotation

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Wheel Alignment and Tire Rotation Service in West Islip, NY

The tires of your new Genesis or used car are, arguably, the vehicle's most critical components as the tires are the only part that ever touch the ground. Your tires are crucial in regulating traction as well as keeping your wheel alignment properly balanced. To keep your alignment well balanced, and to prevent further mechanical issues, the tires of your Genesis or used car should get rotated once every 4,000-6,000 miles or so. For all your wheel alignment and tire rotation needs, visit Genesis of the South Shore in West Islip, NY. You will find us less than 10 minutes outside of Babylon, NY.

What Happens in a Tire Rotation?

Some might think that a tire rotation is synonymous with replacement, i.e. "rotating" old tires out for new ones. However, a tire rotation is different from a changeover and uses the four tires you're riding on currently. In a tire rotation, our technicians remove the tires and reassign them to different wheels, based on the drivetrain of the vehicle and the function of the tire. For example, in a front-wheel-drive car, the front wheel see the most action, so our technicians remove them and send them to the back axle, while moving rear tires up to the front wheels. A routine tire rotation ensures that all four tires wear down evenly and that their traction is preserved for as long as possible.

What Happens When You Don't Rotate?

Failure to regularly rotate tires can have hazardous consequences. Not only will you lose traction, which constitutes a big safety issue, the four-wheel-alignment of your car will fall out of balance as the tires wear down unevenly. As the alignment loses balance, it causes the engine to work harder to keep the vehicle moving forward which, in turn, greatly reduces fuel economy.

As you drive through Dix hills, NY keep in mind the following warning signs that your tires need to be rotated:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Tire pressure loss- occurs faster than normal
  • Vehicle vibration, especially at high speeds
  • Decrease in fuel economy
  • Leaning/listing to one side

What is Alignment?

Alignment refers to the balancing of the wheels on their axles. Cars with all-wheel-drive require a four-wheel alignment balance every so often, which can involve resetting the tow/caster of both the front and rear suspension system. Front or rear-wheel-drive cars may only need a two-wheel alignment balance as engine power runs straight to only one affected axle. A mis-balance in either four or two-wheel alignment can cause further engine strain and a decrease in fuel economy.

Where to go for a Tire Change

If you drive a new or used Genesis, the best place for you to go for a tire rotation is right here at Genesis of the South Shore. As Genesis models are offered exclusively in select areas, it is crucial that you get yours maintained at a place that knows these cars best. Our dealership knows these luxury cars best and only use approved tires from the top brands when it comes to your car. We also have a state-of-the-art dealership with lots of equipment that can mount the tires on easily and correct a mis-balance in your four-wheel-alignment.

Assuming you have your tires rotated frequently, the tires should not need total replacement until around 20,000 miles or so. When that happens, Brentwood shoppers can order new tires online and visit us here in West Islip for a changeover.

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When you need a tire rotation, tire changeover, or wheel alignment, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment for specialized care at Genesis of the South Shore. If you recently bought a new or Certified Genesis, you can schedule a rotation for free as a part of your complimentary maintenance package. You will find our service center on-site here on Sunrise Hwy in West Islip, NY. Schedule a service appointment online and visit us today!