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Transmission Service & Clutch Replacement

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Transmission Service and Clutch Replacement at Genesis of the South Shore

The transmission of your Genesis is just as integral to the vehicle's performance as the engine. While the engine provides power, the transmission and gears help move the vehicle forward and backward, hence, why both the engine and transmission make up the vehicle's "propulsion system." The gear shift of your Genesis is made up of an intricate series of parts, from the gears and timing belt to the transmission fluid and clutch itself. When you need transmission service and clutch replacement, schedule an appointment at Genesis of the South Shore, located in West Islip and proudly serving Dix Hills, NY.

Signs Your Transmission May Need Repair

While the transmission of your vehicle may not need as much attention in the short-term, the fluid that keeps gears lubricated, and may of its components, will wear out over time. You should pay close attention to the following signs your transmission needs to be serviced:

  • Slipping gears/stalling
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Unusual odors (burning smell when changing gears)
  • "Check Engine" dashboard light activates
  • Poor/sluggish acceleration

Routine Maintenance is Essential

The transmission fluid will typically expire between 30,000 and 60,000 miles and when it goes, it can solidify and jam the gears of your clutch. Our technicians can perform a transmission flushing to address this issue, by scouring the gear box with a cleaning solution, replacing the expired fluid with approved transmission fluid, and inspecting the system as needed. After 60,000 miles, the transmission components will require more intricate attention, so this will be when you need to keep in mind the signs your transmission needs maintenance as you drive through Babylon, NY.

Why Visit Genesis of the South Shore?

f you drive a new or used Genesis, you want to get it maintained and repaired by a dealership that knows this brand. Genesis cars are high-end and unlike many other vehicles on the market, so it is essential that you get yours maintained at a reliable source. Here at Genesis of the South Shore, all our technicians carry full certification in this brand and enjoy lots of experience. Each only uses genuine parts in their repairs for the utmost quality assurance.

Get Your Genesis Maintained Here

Another great benefit of getting your Genesis serviced and repaired here is our state-of-the-art facility. We have a wide selection of equipment, and a full stock of genuine parts, so we can give your transmission the repairs it needs quickly and efficiently. Our service center is the best place for you to take advantage of your complimentary scheduled maintenance, which is in-effect during the first 36 months or 36,000 miles you own your new vehicle; whichever comes first. This complimentary maintenance can include anything you need, from oil changes and tire rotation to a transmission inspection and fluid replacement.

Save on Service in West Islip, NY.

Before you schedule a transmission/clutch repair service, we encourage drivers to take advantage of our service specials. Drivers from Brentwood to West Islip can take advantage of great deals each month on Genesis service, like detailing, oil changes, four-wheel-alignment, or tires. When you check in this month, you might even find some great specials on transmission maintenance and clutch repair. If you see a special coupon that fits, request more info and schedule a service appointment to take advantage. These special expire on a monthly basis, so be sure to claim an offer you can use today!

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Genesis of the South Shore is a great place to give your Genesis luxury car the care it deserves, especially when it comes ton transmission and clutch repair. Schedule a service appointment online and visit us here in West Islip, NY to get started. If your Genesis ownership plan is still in-effect, you can take advantage of a complimentary service valet pickup. We hope to hear from you soon!