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We Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions About the Genesis G80!

The Genesis brand first appeared on the scene a couple years ago with the financing options as well through our finance center. Drivers will find Genesis of the South Shore less than a half hour outside of Dix Hills, using our

Does the Genesis G80 offer all-wheel drive?

The Genesis G80 offers both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive options. Rear-wheel drive is the standard option, with all-wheel drive being available as an option on al trim levels.

Does the Genesis G80 offer Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

The Genesis G80 offers a full range of connectivity options. This includes both Apple CarPlay and Android Audio, along with an available Lexicon® stereo system with Clari-Fi™ Music Restoration.

How many people can fit inside the Genesis G80?

The Genesis G80 is a four-door sedan and can comfortably seat five people. Like most luxury sedans, it features a roomy interior with up o 107.7 cubic feet of total passenger volume. This provides about as much space as a compact SUV with plenty of legroom for the driver and all passengers.

Does the Genesis G80 have a backup camera?

Not only does the Genesis G80 come with a backup camera, but it also boasts a full range of technology-aided safety features to help you navigate the streets of Babylon, NY with ease. The G80 offers a lane departure warning feature, a rear cross-traffic alert system, assistance with keeping in your lane, and a system capable of detecting pedestrians with automatic emergency brake deployment.

Does the Genesis G80 offers remote start?

The Genesis G80 key fob does not have a remote start button on it. However, it's possible to remote start the G80 through a mobile app. The GIA (Genesis Intelligent Assistant) app, which is available for iPhone, Android, and other major mobile devices, is able to remote start the automobile.

The GIA offers a number of other features, like remote car door unlocking/locking, remote lighting control, remote climate control, and stolen vehicle notification and slowdown features.

Is the Genesis G80 good at driving in the snow?

The Genesis G80 is quite capable of handling snowy or icy conditions in Brentwood, NY. The standard G80 engine is a 3.8L V6 engine that generates 311-horsepower, with enough torque to handle slippery conditions. It's also possible to upgrade to 365-horsepower and 420-horsepower engines for even more power, if needed.

The G80 also offers traction control and stability control to assist in situations where the road is slick with ice or snow.

How many trim levels does the Genesis G80 offer?

The Genesis G80 offers three trim levels: The 3.8, the 3.3T Sport, and the 5.0 Ultimate. The 3.8 represents the most affordable of the three levels, while the 3.3T Sport and the 5.0 Ultimate upgrade performance and a handful of other features.

Does the Genesis G80 have adaptive cruise control?

The Genesis G80 features its own Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go, which uses special front sensors to monitor the distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you as you drive through Lindenhurst. The systm automatically works to maintain your speed, while slowing down as needed to ensure you maintain a safe distance between your G80 and the vehicle ahead of you.

How many miles does the Genesis G80 last?

The Genesis G80 is capable of holding up well past the 100,000-mile mark and has been tested by independent organizations to confirm its durability. Critical systems in the G80 like the engine, transmission, and brakes tend to perform without major problems well into the tens of thousands of miles driven.

However, It's important to note that regular routine maintenance is essential for keeping the Genesis G80 functional over the long term. Performing scheduled oil and other fluid changes, maintaining the health of the tires, and having periodic checks under the hood are all parts of keeping any car running smoothly. The Genesis brand offers Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance for all of these needs for the first 36 months/36,000 miles of ownership, whichever occurs first, to help you get started. If neglected, it's more likely that you could experience problems with the G80 as the miles pile up.

Is the Genesis G80 good for off roads?

The Genesis G80 is a luxury sedan, and as such isn't designed specifically for off-road situations in areas such as trails around Bay Shore, NY. If you're expecting to drive a vehicle in off-road scenarios with a great degree of regularity, you may want to consider a truck, SUV, or other vehicle designed for off-roading.

  That being said, the Genesis is capable of performing in limited off-road circumstances, such as driving on dirt roads, especially when equipped with Advanced All-Wheel Drive.

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