The 2023 Genesis GV60 is an all-new all-electric addition to the Genesis lineup near Deer Park, NY. One of the key themes of this new SUV is its wide range of new, futuristic technology. It brings the future to the present, allowing drivers to utilize the latest vehicle technology to enhance their daily drives. Read on to see what technology you can find in the upcoming Genesis GV60.

Highlighted Technology

Face Connect: Face Connect is a wonderful feature that allows you to lock and unlock your GV60 with facial recognition. This can be set for multiple individual driver profiles, allowing for better convenience and security. You don't even need to have your key on you.

Fingerprint Authentication: Never worry about forgetting your key again, as with fingerprint authentication, you can drive your GV60. All it takes is your fingerprint, and then you can head out for the day.

Smart Power Tailgate: The smart power tailgate allows drivers to open the tailgate at different angles. You can set preferred angles for more convenience overall.

Digital Side Mirrors: With digital side mirrors, drivers can see a bigger view of their blind spots. Adjust the camera angle with ease, and always be in the know on a screen directly in your line of sight while driving.

Futuristic Technology for the Present

The 2023 Genesis GV60 is an electric SUV that showcases the future. With so much advanced technology, it's hard to not be impressed with this new model. When the GV60 becomes available near you, consider setting up a test drive so you can experience it firsthand. Or reach out today to talk to us about what new features are in the GV60. We can elaborate as much as we can.

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